I stepped out my front door this morning and caught a whiff of fresh autumn air.  I immediately found myself smiling, almost delirious with the thought of pumpkins, hot apple cider, raking leaves, and candycorn.  “It’s finally fall,” I said aloud and then quickly looked around to make sure the neighbors had not seen nor heard me speaking to myself!

Fall is my favorite season for crafting.  I am inspired by the changing of the landscape.  I just love the vibrant, changing colors of the leaves, grasses, and flowers.

Keeping this in mind, I have created a seasonal “scrapbooking color palette”.  That is, I have searched through my collection of cardstock and patterned paper to find the five colors which I think most accurately reflect my the season of fall.  I plan to make this scrapbooking color palette a tradition!  It will be interesting to compare my paper choices for each season.  It will give me the opportunity to observe how my paper choices evolve over years to come.

Without further ado, here is my photograph of this year’s Fall Scrapbooking Color Palette!!!!!!!

Scrapbooking Color Palette Pages

Left to Right: Acorn brown, dull pea green, bright green with dark green polka dots, gold, and bright orange with purple and yellow accents

What color and paper choices will you use for your scrapbook pages this year?  Send us a picture or post your comment below!