Today I posted a new scrapbooking tutorial which is based on my blog post from earlier this month, How to Fix Scrapper’s Block.

A ton of “movie magic” was required to put this article into video form.  I quickly discovered that it was more challenging than I had anticipated.  Although writing the blog had been a snap, I could not decide how to give a visual representation of my post.  Finally, I settled on using a voiceover to read the article practically verbatim and then filming myself as a “student” who was “listening” to the text and taking the advice given.  I did not keep this format the entire time; however, because it seemed dull if used for a prolonged period of time.  Thus, later on I change to a “product review” format and then end with my typical “address to the audience” wrap-up speech.

Wow.  What a tricky experience!  This just goes to show that having various means of communication is important and certainly helpful when trying to express one’s thoughts.

Here is a link to the video.  Enjoy and happy scrapbooking!