Today’s article features a photo from my “Summertime” and “Satin Pink”  layouts which feature  handmade borders.

Handmade Borders

Any scrapbook page can be enhanced by borders.  Borders provide framing for either the page itself or photos on the page.  Using borders can help direct the viewer’s eye to a specific feature of the page which you, the author, want to highlight.  Paper borders can be one layer or several layers, depending on the look and feel of the page.  Adding decorative borders does take up space and therefore the scrapooker may be limited to the number of photos per page.  Scrapbookers can buy premade paper borders at scrapbooking supply stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.  Border types vary from paper cut in simple waves to strips of paper with intricate patterns.

A new idea to consider is creating borders by hand. 

Satin Pink Premade Scrabpook Page

Why create handmade borders?

It is cost effective and can be done without making another trip to the store!  The end result is the same: the page or photo is framed by a decorative accent.

How do you create a handmade border?

I personally enjoy inking my borders.  How this works is simple.  Use an acid-free pen or marker to create a repetitive pattern along the edge of the object you want to frame.  You may be thinking, “I’m not good at drawing!”  Don’t let a lack of artistic talent stop you.  These repetitive patterns can be made with geometric shapes.  For instance, an easy pattern is dot – dash – dot – dash, etc.  In the list below, I will list a few other ideas to help get you started.

Geometric patterns:

Arrow up, arrow down, arrow up, arrow down

Two dots, dash, two dots, dash

Open circle, dash, filled circle, dash, open circle, dash, filled circle

Dot, squiggle ~, dot, squiggle ~

You can even get creative by inking borders that pertain to the theme of your page.  Here are a couple of good ideas.  Although these borders are creating pictures, those pictures are still made with simple shapes.

Picnic: Ant border (three overlapping dots, add stick legs, and stick antenna)

Pet:  Paw print (large dot with three small dots above it)

School days: Alphabet border

Valentine’s/Love: X’s and O’s

Final Word on Handmade Borders:

My final tip is to make sure not to smudge the ink while making your handmade border.  Also, practice on a scratch sheet of paper before starting.  If you’re worried about perfect, then use a ruler to guide you.  Otherwise, ink away and enjoy the uniqueness of your final product! 

Handmade borders add a unique feature to your album.  Impress your friends by making them ask, “Did you make that by hand?”

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