Exactly 1 week ago I opened my scrapbooking business which is legally known as “Pages for the Ages Scrapbooking LLC“.

I held a little ribbon cutting ceremony on my craft table and used only the most appropriate scrapbooking scissors for this momentous occasion!  I am so excited to be a DIY entrepreneur.  This business is being started from the ground up.  I’ve spent more time researching these past few months than I did for an entire semester of college.  I know it will be well worth the effort if I reach my ultimate goal.

My dream is this: to be my own boss and to pursue one of my greatest passions – capturing memories.

I have had a lot of inspiration for this project.  My husband really helped me jump start the idea.  My parents – especially my Ebay entrepreneur Mom – have given encouragement.  Then there are the friends who are nice enough to give me a LIKE IT and a link on their Facebook pages.

If anyone reads this who also dreams of being their own boss in the crafting world, then I have 2 books which I recommend.  Both were fantastic reads.  The first one offered motivation and the second one covered my legal questions.  I will post them at the end of this post.

Before I close my 1st official Blog post, I have a few questions that I would like readers to consider answering.

What is the hardest thing you have ever worked for?  Did you succeed?  Are you still working for it?  What advice would you give to a woman who is new to the business and craft world?



Check it out from the library!  GO READ IT!

Crafty Superstar by Grace Dobush

The Crafts Business Answer Book by Barbara Barbec